Reading Room Rambles and my Creative Process

So the choreographer is back in the reading room- and I am again totally distracted from my own work- I’ve come to make my own piece for this amazing space!

The last time we met we went on a journey together; as she recorded my voice, I finished the sentence “I am …” over and over. I climbed and stumbled like an eloquent philosopher and a child learning to walk. We giggled, and I almost sobbed, I laughed I unravelled and I felt both cleansed and inspired by our little encounter. This need to move and be moved, to think and provoke thought, to gasp and connect- it’s what drives me. It happens often and by chance so how can I recreate this in my work? I guess I just have to put the ingredients together and let go and see what happens.

Now she is rearranging the chairs, a little community a gaggle maybe, grows in the centre and at once it changes the flow of people. Bodies make a sweeping curve behind her and for a few seconds they are part of the same dance.

Now back to the task at hand- but she is playing on my mind, the rearrangement of objects, a methodical tidying, ordering, placing, disordering- this has been lingering for a while. Playing on my mind- In Medicine Man, in Saatchi at the moment in the cocktail bar last week is this a universal language?

I am reading about amulets, writing about the meaning of this place for me as a bridge to discovering meanings of the RR for other people too.

Half of the chairs have been pinched, appropriated from their gaggle to hold the bums of the heavy, the heavy minded, the sitters, the readers, the thinkers. A lone stall becomes a table for a little girl colouring in, in a semi-circular tower made just for her, just by chance. A pedestal between blood cell and trident.

Both my work and the Reading Room share a common connection- OBJECTS. Housing curated exhibits, there is a natural categorisation, creation of new identities, a display and extension of biographies of the object. Object play throughout my piece looks at the categorisation of the object to transform its value, identity and ownership tied up with the notion of gift giving. Again and again I am drawn to the cabinet of amulets, charms and votives in the Faith section of the RR.

Transforming someone’s personal thing into an artefact- is it no longer the thing? Do these amulets still poses their power? Does it combine into one giant cumulative force beneath the glass? How do I identify my gift? There are labels now, and buttons from its showing at Batterea Arts- what do they mean? What are their messages?

Today’s reading is about the notion of collecting and of amulets made to measure!

What is the collective power in this cabinet, caged, housed, protected, trapped? Who owns theses charms?

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