Flashmob, Winchester (Oct 2014)

Just a quick note on another flashmob that I performed in through the streets of Winchester in the autumn choreographed by French Dance Artist Anne-Gaille Thirriot and Italian Dance Artist Debora de Centa . I am building up a bank of different ways to interpret the same space and respond to bodies and audiences within it. The audio tour Walking Stories, (article on its way), somewhat prepared me for this mob. It gave me permission to look at my surroundings inquisitively, to explore them and observe features of the space by inspecting, looking, moving my body and interacting with objects. When instructed to form tableaus within particular parts of a landscape the observations and choices to do that became more imaginative and came with greater ease.

Most striking, I believe was simply walking down the high street at a slow pace in a large, uniform group. This created enough visual difference to attract attention from the public. Once broken up into smaller groups, some felt lost along the way. I still don’t know how I feel about flocking. This is when the group follows whoever is in front and this changes as people move. As with all things the temperament of a large group and the relationship of it as a whole to the space is unquantifiable and unpredictable. I am still hooked on the art of flash mobbing and would like to ponder some more on the questions, choices and dialogue between Anne-Gaille and Debora, whose responses to the space and the performers were both thoughtful and thought provoking.

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