"Sanitise" Underbelly Cowgate 13th Aug

A girl after my own heart I thought as I searched what was on nearby on my Fringe Festival App. The Underbelly with various spaces spread up its many levels has a night clubby feel to it, a complete contrast to the sophisticated Summer Hall. Billed as a mixture of physical theatre, dance, music and illustration, I was disappointed in the lack of motif development and dancing. Melanie Jordan is the most expressive of performers and the choreography remained entirely around her face, eyes, eye-brows. She is hilarious but the piece relies a little too much on her charisma. The set, and illustrations projected onto it were sophisticated and worked well. But in terms of exploring what it means to be dirty it ended just as it was getting started. The thread of the piece needs greater exploration. It has much potential to go further, and with more development will be a hilarious comedy with dark undertones but at the moment it is a funny pre-amble to a missing core.

#sanitise #edinburghfringe #underbelly

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