Leaving Edinburgh with a story stuck in my mind

Beowulf: The Blockbuster, Pleasance Courtyard written and performed by Bryan Burroughs

A well tried and tested format. A story is told by one character to another, (in this case Beowulf an Anglo-Saxon legend) and used as a vehicle to reveal the real aim of the piece- the story of a father and child confronting death. It is hard to break the piece down into its nuts and bolts, to objectify it enough to write about it because for once, my pen and notebook goes down when watching this show. I am fully absorbed in the experience rather than analysing its concept and components. Burroughs fully embodies every character from the voice to the tip of his head to his feet and jumps between them with ease. He is more than an actor, different from a dancer, his physicality is creative, precise but not quite restrained. He captures his audience of all ages and genders and does not lose energy or momentum throughout the full length piece. He is thoughtful and tentative with his characterisation, respectful and caring of the story and the people in it. You can’t help but fall in love with him and his characters. Work like this that just works is incredibly hard to write about. I couldn’t really talk when I re-entered the courtyard of Pleasance afterwards. Everything seems slightly different after following Burroughs through this journey. I did manage to scribble one thing down that he said, I will leave you with this as I leave Edinburgh:

“Every story ends…it is up to you to make sure that yours is a story worth telling”.

#edinburghfringe #beowulftheblockbuster #pleasancecourtyard #bryanburroughs

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