Tea and Toast on the streets of Edinburgh

After being through so many emotional shows I need a break. Taking a slow meander through Edinburgh I try to make sense of all the memories and worries stirred up in me from these shows about love. I find a tea shop smelling of coffee and fruit tea and find a lovely smelling lose leaf blend with pretty petals in it. As I am wondering and thinking I should jack it all in- theatre, dance, writing the lot- I am grabbed by Ruth E Cockburn. We had a little chat on the street- finally someone who is down to earth and friendly!!! So in I pop to see her free comedy show “Toast”. It is just what I need. Someone to make light and laugh about all the things that are troubling me. So it turns out that I am not the only single girl to turn thirty, to have all the nutters crack onto me and to get myself into silly situations trying to please everyone but myself. Cockburn is a giggly, witty and honest performer as she sings “we became reluctant lovers because we were too afraid to be alone under the covers”. She is a little bit silly and a little bit serious with an edge of sexiness and charm about her. Go see her, every man will love and every girl want to be her!

#ruthecockburn #toast #edinburghfringe #tea

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