First Night at The Fringe- [Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 11th Aug]

Having left summer behind in sunny old Winchester, I land in The North where everything is a little bit windier, rainier and greyer. Immediately venturing out, my mission (past 9pm in the evening) was to find food and a show. And that I did, several times over. Wondering the streets of Edinburgh, various beautiful buildings covered in posters were lit up like Christmas inviting you in to their evening shows. I finally settled in a diner style café with views over the streets and it was from there that I studied The Surgeon’s Hall. Noticing the circle of strange humans outside bouncing up and down, waggling their hands in the centre and generally making spectacles of their wangly warm-up moves. Their unison, forming for the briefest of minutes, broken as they disperse and disappear into Venue 53. Munching away on my Haggis Frittas (questionable but it had to be done), my Festival App informed me that there was a show there in 15 minutes time so, eagerly bounding over I bought my ticket for “Refresh: Stories of Love, Sex and the Internet”, a one man show by Matthew Schott. Schott appeared, a nervous, creepy, slightly slimy man-child and started what turned into an hour long monologue of a horny kid on instant messenger. I cringed my way through the monotonous tirade of ranting and moaning from the inward looking and self-obsessed actor sat behind a laptop. One moment where two stories overlapped, that of the virtual and the event of his father dying began to tackle something more sophisticated but Schott failed to follow this through. He also failed to capture his audience of 8 people. Two of which dashed out of the door as soon as he turned his back. He tackled his subject in a way that was dated, forgetting all the new forms of social media and politics involving sex and the internet and neglecting opportunities for interdisciplinary work or audience engagement. Tuesday is looking up however, considering a series of suggestions from friends in the business has taken my search for shows in different directions. I am booked to see “Domestic Labour-A study in Love” at the Dissection Room of Summer Hall and “147 Questions about Love” at Dance Base. With a list as long as my arms of other shows to check out and stumble across today will be a busy day.

#edinburghfringefestival #matthewschott #sex #thesurgeonshall #venue53

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