"The Dating Game" Emma Nias, 18th June 2014, The Point Eastleigh

So The Dating Game, otherwise known as 'the story of my life', was well suited to me! When the invitation to preview Emma Nias’ new show arrived in my inbox I thought this sounds like my sort of thing and blimey it was! Rarely do I gush over a work but Nias had me fully engaged and interacting throughout- and I was truly in the moment- not pretending to be. I laughed out loud, giggled and performed silly dances and motivational speeches but somehow through all this silliness it still struck a chord with my broken heart and made me think about myself! Nias enriched our lives this evening with good humour, sing-alongs and a ridiculous wig. Her smile was infectious and her theme- finding love- universal. Similar in theme and structure to Sarah Blanc's It Started with Jason Donavon, this is a must see and great for the guys as well as the girls. Thank you Emma for reminding me that the simple strategies work best and that being sentimental does not have to undermine your work. Emma Nias’ The Dating Game, silly, serious and sexy- just like the ideal partner #starstudent #greatshow.

#emmanias #preview #thedatinggame

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