"(In)visible Dancing" Flashmob in Bath, 14th June 2014

The sunshine bought out the crowds to Bath’s Southgate Street, where Protein Dance appeared and disappeared in a Flashmob with a difference. The company’s versatile dancers performed an array of set dances that can be adapted to any high street as they tour. These dances were then interspersed with routines from local talent groups which was pulled together in a journey by the company’s dancers linking to or joining in with the different pieces. Not only did they respond to the sight and to the stereotypes such as office workers but they managed to cram in humour and a sense of narrative in a public performance with no spatial boundaries and an unpredictable audience. The way that each routine was linked together by the company and the versatility of encompassing local talent from each new place is a format that I will take on board. This is key to what makes Protein Dance’s Flashmobs different and large in scale. Salsa, ceroc, hip hop, gymnastics, tango and contemporary styles filled Bath’s streets and dancer Maria Fonseca’s stage presence and versatility in adapting to every style, kept the audience in their place, wanting more. Beautiful visual tableaus were also key to this Flashmob, a man standing on a red telephone box with a sign saying “Hello Bath” and a bunch of balloons leading the eye to the dancers were particularly strong. I have noted lots of hot tips here for when I launch my own Flashmobs, building on my past experience with Liz Richards.

#invisibledancing #proteindance #bath #flashmob

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