Integrated Dance Summit, Pavilion Dance South West, 16 & 17th May 2014

It was both a pleasure and a challenge to be one of three official dance writers at the Integrated Dance summit in Bournemouth. Writing creatively whilst watching a show and immediately presenting afterwards was at first a daunting prospect but by the end of the conference I was a dab hand at presenting my immediate responses to the audience, choreographers and performers. As a writer I am used to mulling over each word over time, in order to create the most pithy and succinct work. Writing under pressure drew out immediate responses which allowed for more creativity and flair. I have reviewed the summit and all its performances which is published on their website. My creative responses have been worked into a more critical approach however I will post them separately very soon.

Please click here to read my critical review of the Integrated Dance Summit.

#integratedsummit #review #paviliondance #marcbrew #carolinebowditch #candocodancecompany #outsidespaces #choreolab #integrateddancesummit

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