Creative Response to (i)land, Marc Brew Company, 16th May, Pavilion Dance South West.

Creative Response to (i)land

A parallel universe

A manmade beach by the real life sea.

Scratching, building, searching, playing, basking.

With the sea in front and its sound behind me,

I feel the burn of the same sun on my cheek, we are stranded together.

A sinuous sea creature interrupts a leisurely scene,

Bathing her body in sandy showers both luring and alluring.

There is something sinister about this trio.

Round in circles they go.

Will they ever leave the shadow of the mast?

Pointing in all directions are they searching or defending?

Longing or attacking?

Interrogating or measuring?

Grasping or owning?

Like Rodin’s sculptures, acknowledging what they are made of,

From what or where they emerged,

There is no hiding their raw materials in body and environment.

Rebecca JS Nice.

#iland #marcbrewcompany #creativewriting

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