Rebecca Nice performs at Pavilion Dance, 26th April 2014.

Solo, after Barbara Hepworth, "Summer Dance", (1972).

“Exchanges”, 26th April 2014.

My solo was performed at Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth, in the foyer of the theatre within a 137.2 x 76.2 cm space marked with masking tape on the floor. This boundary, protective rather than restrictive, mimicked the measurements of the plinth of “Summer Dance”, which framed the sculptures and gave them a sense of place within the space. On my visit to Roche Court I was struck by its peaceful atmosphere surrounding the modern art that buzzed with life. “Summer Dance”, like the park itself was constantly changing, with the light, the weather, the time, its solidity juxtaposed by its ephemerality. I began by looking at shapes and motifs of complete and broken curves. Then played with speed and dynamic to create an intimate, and intense piece with moments of almost but not quite stillness. Embodying the shapes and curves of the sculpture progressed into looking at voids, empty embraces and adding a layer of emotional response to the piece which then began to become a part of me, embracing the solidarity of the body in space layered with ideas of femininity and vulnerability. I wanted the audience to stumble across me, to choose whether to stay and watch or carry on with their day or dip in and out as I slowly changed with the light and view of the windows behind. The piece began and ended with stillness and was repeated in the foyer before the main event. I loved creating this intimate relationship with the audience which began with my rehearsals in the space, creating the desired effect with unsuspecting visitors. I felt like a sculpture slash street artist statue slash dancer and I thoroughly enjoyed the peace that came over me whilst I danced.

When offered to try it out in the theatre with lights- my immediate reaction was terror at losing the intimacy and the piece just being lost, however the supportive environment and encouragement from Emma and Gemma to try everything resulted in an exciting change. The silence and stillness of the peace juxtaposed with fast gestures and swings created a different sense of intensity in this new space and a new sense of intimacy. I performed, the solo again in the theatre with a spot light. Only then did I make the loose connection with Maliphant’s female solo in “Still Current” a piece that consisted predominantly of a por de bras, on the spot, incredibly dynamic, angular and beautiful.

The event organised by Emma Kerr from Roche Court Educational Trust, NewArtCentre, in collaboration with Pavilion Dance South West, not only provided opportunities for sharing the modern art with practicing artists and students but gave the support and structure to continue the journey from initial response and research to creating and developing a work. This journey culminated in a day of sharing, workshopping, rehearsing and performing. I observed how my piece grew and developed within those rehearsals and discussions which made the whole project from initiation at the Sculpture Park to performing at the Pavilion theatre a challenging and worthwhile experience.

#solo #performance #paviliondance #sculpture

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