Art and Choreography at Roche Court Sculpture Park, NewArtCentre, Wiltshire. 9th March 2014.

A beautiful landscape speckled with curiosities large and small, organic and artificial, old and new, was an exquisite site to set the creative juices flowing. Introduced to the sculpture by Emma Kerr, I was guided both through the park and through creative tasks, nurturing the beginning of a response to a piece of sculpture. Improvising on the lawn, sketching the forms and shadows, and recalling my art history from a previous life, all sorts of ideas began to appear. I am delighted (and a little terrified), to announce that I will be developing my ideas into a choreographic solo, to be performed at Pavilion Dance on 26th April. I am working in response to Barbara Hepworth’s “Summer Dance” (1972), exploring broken curves, framing views and rise and fall in a constant state of transition. Tucked away, high on top of the hills, Roche Court was serene and peaceful, yet alive; and like the art that it holds, ever-changing. I will be returning here again and again to recharge my batteries and my soul.


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