'The Crutch' and 'The Buttercup', 27th Feb, Karla Shacklock Company, Bournemouth Pavillion.

After watching a moving and honest portrayal of the inner most depths of the company’s experiences an audience of writers, artists and programmers joined together in discussion with Karla Shacklock and her company. Discussing reactions, perceptions and the choreographic process from both sides, the intimate environment was perfect for some deep reflections to take place over wine and a cup of tea. It was such a privilege to meet Karla and discuss my work with her, I am inspired and relieved that perhaps there is a place for me to make art that is not constrained by definitions, that takes its form from what it needs to be and now there is a community that embraces that. Thank you #thusdancenight @Bournemouth Pavilion for embracing the work and having the foresight to lead a real discussion rather than a stale q & a. I am resisting the temptation to write about the shows at this point so that I can write a full review of the work giving it the time and attention that it deserves, watch this space for it!

Shacklock, K. (2013) ‘Further Beyond: Seeking Truth, Seeking Self and Simply Being in Performance’. In: Shacklock, K. Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts. UK, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [Online]. Available at http://www.karlashacklock.com/ [Accessed Nov 2013] (a)

Shacklock, K. (2013) The Buttercup and The Crutch Tour Pack [online]. Available: http://www.karlashacklock.com/ [Accessed Nov 2013]Shacklock, K. (2013) Going Beyond into the Jars of Consciousness: A Proposal for New Practice [online]. Available http://www.karlashacklock.com/ [Accessed Nov 2013]

Sheets-Johnstone, M. (1979) The Phenomenology of Dance. London: Dance Books Ltd

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