'The English Channel', Liz Aggis, Pavillion Dance.

I am now the proud owner of a CERTIFICATE OF EMBARKATION, received by every audience member of the night, giving them permission to please themselves. Aggis took the audience through a montage of grotesque images and cabaret acts in a semi-autobiographical work drawing on notions of histories, legacies and archiving to share key influential figures or moments with the audience.

Haunting, witty, cunning and vulnerable, Aggis struck the audience with a fearless and honest celebration of her 60 years. Particularly funny was the little ditty on sex and self-pleasure and particularly striking was the moment when she confronted her own death by packing her life up into brown paper bags. The continual presence of the skull, watching over her, was a constant reminder that there is no hierarchy in death. But for now, death was cheated as Aggis seamlessly had the audience in stiches only moments later, finishing with an encore where we were invited to break the forth wall and dance on stage with her as we received our certificates.

It was a pleasure to meet Liz Aggis who talks very eloquently about her work!!


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