Compagnie 111, London International Mime Festival, 1st Feb 2014

Compagnie 111 Aurélien Bory/Stéphanie Fuster

What's Become of You? (Questcequetudeviens?)

I thoroughly enjoyed the work of C111, at the closing night of LIMF at the Barbican Centre. Very different from their previous work; It lacked the use of play and failure indicative of circus and juggling work but the intensity of Flamenco dance layered with cultural and historic roots created a spectacle of footwork. Dancing in water that trickled over the stage before the audience's eyes the work of Pina Bausch's Vullmond is an obvious comparison in terms of their visual beauty. The deconstruction of traditional Flamenco elements and the re-appropriation of the dress turned its traditions on its head whist the sprays of water created extensions of the dancer that the dress left vacant.


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